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“Our job as marketers is to break people’s false beliefs. How you do this is by telling personal stories of when you had that same false belief be broken.” - Russell Brunson

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People aren’t buying your product because they believe a story.

The story is something they’re telling themselves. It’s a list of reasons why they don’t need, can’t use, or won’t value your product/service. How you break this story is by getting them to hear a story about someone with those same false beliefs be broken.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by Russell Brunson, owner of, a website-builder that has sales funnels cooked into it. How Russell built this 9-digit SaaS company is by attacking people’s false beliefs. Today, we learn how to embed this consumer psychology into our marketing materials. Tune in to take these insights into your business or personal brand!

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“The reality is when you first start something you’re gonna suck. But if you keep doing it, the less and less you’re gonna suck and eventually you’ll be good.” - Russell Brunson

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Put $10 in Facebook ads behind videos of you endorsing your product - those who don’t make content lose
  • Attack people’s false beliefs when marketing products
  • There are very few things you get worse at the more you do them
  • To be able to sell to the masses, you have to understand people’s false beliefs
  • The three false beliefs people have are about:
    • 1) their need for the product
    • 2) their internal ability to use the product
    • 3) how external factors will influence their use of the product
  • Tell stories of you shattering those same false beliefs
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