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“Knowledge is the embodiment of practically applied information.” - Tai Lopez

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Finances are taboo.

We gather together with our friends, and don’t mention paychecks and savings accounts because our society has conditioned us to do so. This lack of conversation fuels ignorance, and we enter our adult years not knowing how to properly accumulate wealth.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing the importance of money. In today’s society, we are bludgeoned by imagery of the superficial. If we’re not careful, these can form an inaccurate picture in our mind regarding money, and we will start to chase the wrong things.

Tune in to this episode to learn how to properly orient yourself toward money, so you can achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness!

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“Money isn’t the goal. Money are the steps that get you to the top floor.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The number one cause of divorce is stress over finances
  • The top reason people are not healthy is low socioeconomic status
  • Get specific with your financial experiments
  • There are legal hacks to building good credit
  • Don’t be less materialistic, be less superficially materialistic
  • The 4 pillars of the good life: health, wealth, love, happiness
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