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Whether you’re looking to marry someone, go into business with a partner or simply befriend a co-worker there is one trait you need to look for. Are they humble? The latest research states that a person who lacks humility is more likely to cheat, steal or be friends with you for the wrong reasons. My favorite quote from today’s book of the day says, “If you meet someone with low levels of humility and honesty, just stay away from them.” I thought that was pretty funny haha...

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Want to be successful? Be nice. It's that simple. Well, there's actually more to it. But being a nice person is the most important and the most practical advice that I can give anyone. There's 25 cognitive biases of the human brain; one of the strongest cognitive biases being 'liking and disliking bias'. Your ability to be likable is highly correlated with your success in life or in business. So if you're sitting down at your desk right now, watching the video, and saying to yourself that 'I could be a nicer person': you have some work to do. If you aren't nice, or if you are constantly taking jabs at people, chances are you will stay at the level you're currently at. And don't get me wrong. There will always be one or two complete assholes in high places. But they're much less the norm than people think.

The trick to having more quality friends. After a long night of salsa dancing, I sat down and discussed my simple secret to growing a social circle from scratch. Going to interactive events, priming and positioning are is my 3 step formula for creating an amazing social life.

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What do you think I should name my new personality test?

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It's not about what you know, it's about who you know. How good of a networker are you?

In "Get Big Things Done: The Power Of Connectional Intellegence" by Erica Dhawan, it says that the benefits of learning the power of connectional intelligence is that "you'll be able to take your dream, add connections, and you'll be able to dream even bigger and get big things done."

Here is some insight from what I've learned from my mentors; It's not about what you should know, it's about who you should know. You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. So if you wanted to become a millionaire, make sure to get to know and hang around 5 millionaires because it's likely you will become the 6th if you do.

The power of connection is so crucial to your financial future. Too often in my life I've made the mistake of trying to do things on my own and it ends up being too inefficient. Imagine being able to network with other experts in your field and collaborate towards one goal? How much faster would you achieve these goals?

This book takes those same principles of networking and breaks them down into parts that you can work on to increase your ability to network in what they call "The 5 C's"

1. Curiosity - Curious people attract high level people.
2. Combination - Having the ability to combine different people's ideas and formulating it into your own.
3. Community - You must have the ability to bring people together.
4. Courage - Build the courage in order to network with others.
5. Combustion - The ability to drive and motivate others. Others should be able to feel this from you.

If you don't have all of these traits, or you are very weak in one, the best way to build them up is to train consistently. You may fail in the beginning, but no one was born a natural networker: the more you train, the better you will become.

Make sure to leave me a comment on what parts of networking you are good at and what parts where you need to work on.

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