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“Don’t ever let people oversimplify.” - Tai Lopez

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Most of us got a job the moment we turned 16. 


Little did we know that this would program us to believe that employment was the only way to make money. Go into work, do what’s told of you, and a deposit will land inside your checking account every 2 weeks. 


On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are breaking down income from a passive vs. active perspective. By addressing the myths and truths, we can distinguish between the two, and prioritize what our next venture should look like. 


Tune in to this episode, so you know how to find the balance between passive and active sources of revenue!


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“I personally don’t want 100% passive income.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Semantics means how you define the word, passive depends on your definition
  • The active/passive income conversation is a false dichotomy
  • The truth is somewhere in the middle, not in the extremes
  • Start your own Home Sharing Management Company (HSMC) on Airbnb
  • Seek out affiliate digital marketing as another passive income source
  • Don’t get paralyzed by overthinking
  • Your brain’s amygdala stores your fear/memories
  • Read Civilization and Its Discontents


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