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“When I have an idea, I want to know as much what the Dalai Lama thinks as what the Mark Zuckerberg thinks. Because that polarity allows me to not get lost in the echo chamber.” - Jay Shetty

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When you have nothing, you figure out what to do when you have something.

For those of us living in the first world, this is a challenging concept to wrap our heads around (because we have so much.) Inducing poverty or struggle would bring us this enlightenment, but the learning curve to get there would be difficult. The next best option is talking to those who have put their minds through this type of growth.

That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are talking with the master of this technique, Jay Shetty. Jay, who was once a practicing monk in India, deprived himself of food and shelter to reach enlightenment. He is now an award-winning host & storyteller with the Huffington Post. He is part of the 2017 Class of Forbes 30 Under 30, and today we are fortunate to here his insights on meditation and mindfulness.

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“There’s a great verse in the Bhagavad Gita that says: detachment doesn’t mean you own nothing; detachment means nothing owns you.” - Jay Shetty

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The world of business requires striving
  • Detachment doesn’t mean “you own nothing,” rather, it means that “nothing owns you”
  • Don’t get trapped in the perception of yourself
    • Charles Cooley, “I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.”
  • Seeing others’ struggles exposes the illusion of your own suffering
  • Gandhi, “I was sad that I didn’t have any shoes, but then I saw a man with no feet.”
  • Let your consciousness evolve from survival to service for others
  • Remember that awareness doesn’t always feel good, but is the first step to self-improvement
  • You elevate your consciousness when you evolve it from survival of yourself to service for others
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