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“The moment someone meets you, they need to get the impression that you can help them reach their goals” - Jordan Belfort

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Last week was a blockbuster week for the Tai Lopez Show, and today we’re reviewing some of the highlights, from the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort’s crazy stories and advice on how to become a master salesman, to the specific techniques I use to grow my social media 10 10.9 million followers, to Scott Galloway’s incredibly insightful analysis of the “big four,” Google, Apple Amazon and Facebook, why they have achieved the massive success that they have, how we can learn for them, and what it means for society as a whole.

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“Study the most successful companies in history of develop a model for what you want to do” - Scott Galloway

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • We all enter adulthood with certain insecurities that can screw up our motivation for what we are doing
  • When you have all those insecurities, you think fame and wealth will solve them, then you become rich and famous and still feel the same way, you start looking for other outlets
  • Every idea has a certain amount of value intrinsic to it, but that amount is either multiplied or subtracted from, depending on how the person is able to express it to others
  • Human communication is 45% body language, 45% tone of voice, and 10% words
  • Eye contact is essential to developing any level of trust
  • The moment someone meets you, they need to get the impression that you can help them reach their goals
  • If you make a bad impression, it takes 7 subsequent meetings to change that
  • We’ve been conditioned to respect elders and allow them to control the flow of the conversation, so getting into that position will allow you to control the sale
  • You have to act as if before you can become that way
  • Persuasion is a linchpin skill for success
  • If someone is really committed to learning the skills required and putting in the time required, it’s almost impossible for you not to succeed
  • Without fear there is no courage
  • The fastest growing company in history was built off social media
  • The social proof of your following on social media is very important
  • Start with a global campaign to grow your Facebook following, to decrease the cost per follower
  • You should shoot for a minimum of 10k followers on each platform
  • If you grow your Facebook fan page, you can redirect a lot of them to Instagram
  • Use share for shares to grow Instagram, but share somebody else’s content before asking them to share yours
  • I recommend posting approximately 7X per day
  • Twitter is the platform that allows the most activity
  • Use live streams for intense attention
  • Companies in the past would underpromise and overdeliver, big tech has flipped that formula and reporters seem to put up with it
  • 80% of our phone time is spent in-app, and 6 of the top 10 apps are owned by Facebook
  • In the age of big tech, we need to start thinking about if what is good for the consumer always good for society
  • Study the most successful companies in history to develop a model for what you want to do
  • Our instinct, since we emerged from caves, is to always want more, because the penalty for less was death
  • Apple has the margins of a lamborghini with the production capabilities of a Toyota
  • Irrational in the consumer world is Latin for ‘huge margins’
  • Recurring revenue business models allow companies to not have to discover new customers constantly
  • As a company, you will be in a good position if you are perceived as a career accelerant
  • Apple is able to control the customer experience through their physical stores
  • Get a job, and whether you think you will stay there long term or not, focus aggressively on it while you’re there
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