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“Never tell people how much you make, especially if it is a lot. It just puts a target on you” - Tai Lopez

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The wise general does not reveal his secrets. That is what Sun Tzu tells us in The Art of War. Too many entrepreneurs and business people want to brag about how much they make, their accomplishments, and what they’re doing. But in reality, if you do that, you are just putting a big target on their head.

Instead, making people think you’re doing less than you are. That you’re making less money than you are. At least until it is the right time. In this way, you do not draw too much attention, until you can handle that attention.

There are a lot of parallels between business and war, this is just one of them. Learn about it, and so much more, on this special best of the week edition of The Tai Lopez Show!

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“Break your larger goals into smaller, specific goals” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Never tell people how much you make, especially if it is a lot. It just puts a target on you
  • Entrepreneurs should read The Art of War
  • Don’t negotiate with fools, cut them out
  • Start a business around something you are curious about
  • With enough time and specific goals, you can do almost anything
  • For many, when you see something that is beyond you reach right now, the drive to get that thing will drive you to the next level
  • What goes you out of procrastination is ambition, and ambition comes from having a specific goal
  • Give yourself the advice you would give your younger sibling
  • Break your larger goals into smaller, specific goals
  • Everyone needs allies
  • ICO’s provide a way to give users and everyone in the world an opportunity to own a portion of the company
  • Marketing requires a fundamental understanding of human behavior
  • Humans make decisions based on emotion much more than they think they do
  • If you want to raise capital, you need to be likeable
  • In business, treat everyone like they’re your family
  • You need to get started, and see small success at first, to get motivated to do the rest of the work to be successful
  • The most important sale is to yourself: You must believe in the product in order to sell
  • Obscurity is the real reason you will fail
  • Use money to get attention
  • In real estate, if you invest in multi-family units, you spread out the risk
  • The middle class lulls you into complacency
  • It’s ok to be grateful, but never be satisfied
  • You can do anything, as long as it’s not forever. Don’t be too picky, especially if you’re broke
  • As long as you maintain cash flow, you don’t lose when markets go down
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