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“Haters give me energy, and spur my on to greater things” - Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone is on the podcast today to bring some of his characteristic fire and educate you on how to make money. If you’re at all interested in sales or real estate, you probably know Grant’s name, and today we’re talking about why sales is essential to success in every area of life, as well as how to generate real wealth and cash flow through a careful, thoughtful real estate strategy.

Whether you’re interested in sales, real estate, business in general, or just in living your best life, this conversation with Grant Cardone will leave you with new ideas, and tactics to get the most out of your time on earth.

Learn how to get obsessed and live life at the peak of your ability with Grant Cardone, today on the Tai Lopez Show!

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“The middle class is a trap that lures you into empathy” - Grant Cardone

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • You should have massive vision, and then break that massive vision down into mini-goals
  • Money doesn’t make you happy, but lack of money can make you very unhappy
  • The world is dangerous, you have to look out for yourself first
  • Everybody needs a plan for when things go wrong
  • Obscurity is why you will fail
  • “Haters give me energy, and spur my on to greater things” - Grant Cardone
  • Use money to get attention
  • When you look for real estate, you look for big, healthy, long-lasting trees
  • Houses were built, not for you to have a dream, but for banks to make money
  • Always ask if you’re on the winning or the losing end of every transaction
  • The middle class is a trap that lures you into empathy
  • Always be grateful, but never be satisfied
  • Live frugally enough that you can get on the right side of cashflow
  • Everything goes in a cycle. The market will go up and the market will go down
  • Safety is created by diversity, but wealth is created by focus
  • Most people don’t bet big enough. Don’t play a little game, go all in
  • Don’t get too fancy in sales. Have a full pipeline
  • Treat objections not as objections but as complaints
  • Everything you do in life will have some component of sales
  • You should only be afraid of one thing: Leading a crappy life
  • You can build multiple flows of income, but do not neglect the first one
  • People need to stop hating on things they don’t understand
  • As long as you have cash flow, your real estate investments are pretty safe
  • You need to constantly be keeping the right people in your friend group, and getting rid of the bad influences
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