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“Raising capital is very difficult, but often very necessary”

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Crystal has raised $6 million for her startup, so on this episode she is teaching the exact path to raising capital. Whether you’re looking to raise money from investors, considering an ICO, or any other path to raising money, Crystal is walking through exactly what you need to know.

But one of the most important things when raising money is to avoid the temptation to fall into complacency, seeing how long your runway to profitability is, and how much money you can spend before you run out. Even after you have raised money, you have to be frugal in your choices to really turn your business into something that generates consistent profit.

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“Not having a ton of money at first forces you to be practical”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Raising capital is very difficult, but often very necessary
  • While raising capital is essential, it is also dangerous, because it can make you apathetic
  • Have a specific plan for a specific dollar amount, and how you will use the capital. Go in with all the math figured out
  • Do a seed round, then figure out how to get traction, and then raise more once you have the traction part figured out
  • Not having a ton of money at first forces you to be practical
  • Never throw money at a problem
  • Capital is very important, whether it is money, social capital, or another kind Use the promo code “Tai” for a discount!

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