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“Find a way to start your call in charge of the conversation” - Tai Lopez

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If you know how to pick up the phone and sell, you will never be poor. This week, we talked about a lot of different things, one of the most important of which is learning the ability to sell.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of selling. They cannot help but conjure up images of sleazy salespeople. But the reality is that an ability to be persuasive, which is at the core of good selling, is going to be absolutely essential to any endeavor you might undertake in life, whether it has to do with business or not!

In this best of the week episode, we also dive into why humans are illogical and what to do about it, how to use pattern interruption to take charge of a conversation, why people buy based on vibes and how to take advantage of that, why you must master the art of reading people, and why the solopreneur is not a good route to go long-term.

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“Humans are not logical, even if they think they are” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Using the right tools and technology is essential to success in anything, and especially sales
  • Top sales people talk less than 30% of the call
  • Face to face interactions come out of good phone calls
  • Find a way to start your call in charge of the conversation
  • Use pattern interruption to set the tone for who is in charge of the conversation
  • Bring people so much value for free that by the time people get to your landing page, they are ready to buy
  • Humans are not logical, even if they think they are
  • People buy from you based on vibes
  • You have to sell people based on yourself
  • If people buy into you on a personal level, they will buy your product from you
  • Not everyone can vibe with you, and you have to go in understanding and knowing that
  • As a salesman, you must have thick skin
  • You’re probably underestimating the value of polling
  • Sell to the willing
  • You must master the art of reading people
  • Almost no one can scale to 8 figured as a solopreneur
  • You have to learn the fine art of phasing people out of your life
  • A narcissist in your life will inevitably, perhaps accidentally, steal from you
  • Work is 20% of the formula for success
  • To make money, you have to have thick skin
  • Time is precious. You have about 50k hours of your prime, don’t waste it!

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