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“Humans learn through absorption” - Tai Lopez

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This is a roundup of the best moments from throughout the week on the Tai Lopez Show. We talk about diets, whether or not veganism is healthy, how to pick the perfect diet for you, how to “date” a business idea before “marrying” it, why pre-sale is so important to business, how to look at the “risk adjusted return” on a business idea, and much more.

Whether your goal is to turn into a fat burning machine, make your life overall more healthy, or build a strong business from the ground up, today’s episode will help you on that journey.

“It’s not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the most adaptable” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • It’s predicted that 100 major brands will be bankrupt in the next year
  • It’s not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the most adaptable
  • It’s better to kill a business early than drag it out for years and then have it die
  • “Date” business ideas before marrying them
  • Pre-sale your business idea to find out if it’s actually a good idea or not
  • Humans learn through absorption
  • Depending on the field, technical knowledge is often obsolete
  • Look at the “risk adjusted return” of ideas: How much risk is involved, for how much potential return
  • In marketing, you need to learn how to be ethically persuasive without being manipulative
  • The psychology of selling is probably just as important as the logistics
  • Find a way to gain some success early on, to spur you on to work harder
  • There is more opportunity right now for someone who is poor to work there way up than there was in the past
  • Everyone needs to experiment with their diet to find out what specific combination is right for them
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