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“There is a science behind habits, and it’s important to learn it” - Tai Lopez

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Too many people go through life haphazardly, without purpose and forethought, stumbling from thing to thing, and from idea to idea. This lack of focus will keep you from truly achieving great things in your life.

But if you learn how to create the right habits and neuro pathways in your brain to help you do small amounts of a task, regularly every day for a long time, you’re ability to succeed in life will skyrocket, and you’ll achieve what you thought you couldn’t.

Learn how to create those neuro pathways and create habits on today’s episode of the Tai Lopez Show.

“Habits keep you from going through life haphazardly” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Fitness, money-making, public speaking, ability to read people, the ability to influence people, are all habits that people create
  • At the age of 25, your neural pathways are pretty set as far as habits. You can still change and create habits, but it’s more difficult
  • There is a science behind habits, and it’s important to learn it
  • Habits keep you from going through life haphazardly
  • People think they have time when they’re young, but in reality you should be in a hurry to create the right habits because it will only get more difficult as you get older
  • It’s better to do small chunks of a task regularly, to create the pathway in your brain to make it easier each time you go to do that task, and work harder at it
  • Move from one thing to the other logically and thoughtfully, with a single end in mind
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