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“Build on your strengths, NOT weaknesses” - Tai Lopez

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Today I’m showing you the 3 steps to finding the right career for you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or are trying to figure out the right line of work to go into, I’m going through the simple 3-step process to find out what you should do, and what you will be happy doing long-term.

Because that is what is really important for a career: Find out what you can enjoy day in and day out for years. You will find certain topics and issues that fascinate you for a moment in time, but that will turn into feeling like just a lot of work if you have to do them day after day for years. 

So, instead of just looking at what you might be infatuated with at the moment, try to understand what you have a deep and lasting curiosity for, because that is the work that, over time, while it might not be as interesting as it once was, you will still enjoy doing.

Listen to today’s episode to find the rest of the three steps..

“Build a business that can scale up without a lot of work” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Build on your strengths, NOT weaknesses
  • Build on curiosity. You’re love for what you do might come and go a bit, but if you’re super curious about it, you’ll stay interested in it
  • If you build on curiosity, you might not feel at a 10 out of 10 all the time, but you’ll still enjoy it
  • Build a business that can scale up without a lot of work
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