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Why are you so afraid? So timid? So fearful? If you're anything like me when I first started out, you feel these emotions. But have you ever asked yourself WHY? Maybe it's because you feel that you don't know enough. However, in my experience, most businesses don't know what they're doing either. So lucky you! Warren Buffett once said that he too used to be scared of the real world when he was in college. But when he graduated, he said, he soon realized that most people in the real world were rarely qualified to do anything BIG. And that's the sad truth about business. People are either too lazy to become knowledgable in their field, or they are simply just misguided. But if you put in the effort that the other 99% of people don't, then you WILL stand out from the crowd.

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How do you build a business with little or no experience? It’s simpler than you may think. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my 20+ years of entrepreneurship, it’s that most businesses are bad at this one key thing. And that key thing is marketing. You see, most businesses spend way too much time bettering their product. And they don’t spend enough time making sure that their product is actually known. Now I’m not saying that building the best product is a bad thing to do. But it leaves a vulnerability in many businesses, if equipped with the proper know-how, could potentially earn you a lot of money. Check out how Joe Soto built a 7-figure businesses using this one simple strategy.

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You want to be an entrepreneur? You shouldn't be. Well, at least you shouldn't optimize for it. Your main goal should be to live a good life and then everything else should only support that vision. Entrepreneurship, or whatever else you do for your career, is just a means to an end. Far too many people often focus on the wrong things, and then before they realize that they got burned, it's too late...

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Is money a physical representation of how valuable you are? After all, Elon Musk did say that you get paid in direct proportion to the level of problems that you solve. Right? Well, the truth is that when it comes to running a country with millions of people income inequality tricky subject. Here are some of my thoughts on income inequality and how what you should do to counter it.

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12,000 world class private jets with plenty of fuel to boot. That's what 1.2 trillion dollars can buy you. Yet, many people who have gone through our current educational system don't have as much as a job to call their own. Much less a private jet. In this video I'll discuss the 3 things that I think can revolutionize the educational system. And how you can apply these principles to your life and business.

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