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Is it possible to create your own luck? Yes, of course it’s possible. Our favorite celebrities tell us all the time about the 'big break' that turned their career around and propelled them to where they are today. But the thing about creating your own luck is that you have to put in the work. Putting in the work, each and every day, puts you in a position to take advantage of the opportunities once they do come. And inevitably there’s going to be times where you don’t seize the opportunity that’s put in front of you, or even worse, you completely miss it altogether. But if you continue to work each and everyday, if you become more observant of what’s going on around you, you will recognize opportunities that are right infant of everyones face yet nobody else can see.

See whether or not Tai agrees with Tim Ferris's book the 4 Hour Work Week

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Why do people gossip about you? How should you handle it? I recorded this while walking home (after dinner with friends) to my vacation condo in Oslo, Norway....