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If you're like me, and was born in the U.S., you were born in a capitalist society. And one of the first rules of wealth building we hear in western society is that you have to spend money to make money. But is that really true? Is there a benefit to being a miser with your money? Can you actually save your way to financial freedom? In today's book of the day we'll explore the truth behind how to grow your financial life. 

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The question that I get the most is, "How did you turn your life around?" "How were you able make it in business with only $47 in your bank account?" And the answer is that you should be your happiest when you're at your lowest point in your life. Now that sounds a bit farfetched, but hear me out. "When you succeed you party. When you fail you ponder" This quote is straight from a Tony Robbins' book that my mom gave me when I was sleeping on a couch which completely changed the trajectory of my life. This quote reminded me that when something in your life isn't going right, whether it's your finances being a wreck or you getting dumped by a partner, that is the best time for you to ponder. When you fail you should take time to think and reassess, that way you can come back even stronger than you were before. My second mentor Allan Nation said that the definition of an entrepreneur is someone that recreates the world in their own image. So remember when you think you're down and out you really have the clearest path to recreating your world in the exact way you want it.

"What's my personality type?" This should be an extremely difficult question for a co-worker or an acquaintances to answer. That is because the trick to winning friends and influencing people is to have a balanced personality type. Now people like to argue with me about the importance of personality types. They say things like, "Are personality types really that important" or "Can a personality test really tell me who I am as a person?" And my answer is yes. It's that plain and simple. Having an imbalanced personality is like having poor health; it's extremely noticeable. People can recognize it right away, and a test can too. By taking personality tests you start to realize what your imbalances are so you can then begin working towards balancing them.

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The first thing you need to do when selling anything is to define your goals or your objectives. Some objectives that you should have a clear answer to is who you want this product or service to help and how big that market is. Once you define your customer avatar, you can then reverse engineer every step of the way it'll take to reach those people. And if you happened to change what you originally thought would work, for something you know will help better to reach your customer avatar, then you are not a sell-out. You are a good marketer. You serve your customer, not yourself.

Whether you’re looking to marry someone, go into business with a partner or simply befriend a co-worker there is one trait you need to look for. Are they humble? The latest research states that a person who lacks humility is more likely to cheat, steal or be friends with you for the wrong reasons. My favorite quote from today’s book of the day says, “If you meet someone with low levels of humility and honesty, just stay away from them.” I thought that was pretty funny haha...

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