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Success Rule - If you want to be Badass:

1. Surround yourself only with badasses


2. Surround yourself with people who are on their way to becoming badasses

These two only work if you follow the third rule:

3. Be a badass yourself!

Rank yourself on a scale from 1-10, focus on yourself and bump it up. Then rank those around you. What I do is rank my employees, if you work for me you are either already a badass, or I can see you potentially becoming a badass. I am not going to waste my time trying to work on you and improve your business skills.

Ranking family is often hard, but necessary. You don't need to excommunicate anyone, you can just reduce the amount of time you spend with those who are not badass.

"The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my surroundings"

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