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Heaven or Hell - which are you living out in your life today? The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. All the heavens and all the hells are inside of you. I don't know what happens to us after we die, I will leave that to the spiritual experts. I do know that you and I will experience heaven or hell on earth. The hell of procrastination and bad habits... The heaven of a life maximized in all areas - health, wealth, love, and happiness. Where is your transformation? What will create the new you?

The Digital Entrepreneur: How To Hardwire Your Online Business For Success 



The biggest decision you ever make is which career to choose. Get this one wrong and you'll have a hell of a lot of problems in life. I don't know your specific situation, but I know that the "investor" mentality almost always works.

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Which of your friends will betray and reject you? The most important social skill you can possess is the ability to know who to cut off and who to keep in your life. Dr. David Buss told me the most cutting edge psychology research shows that "emotionally resilient" people are the least likely to screw you over.

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8 Advanced Marketing Hacks: How To Get One Million People To Pay Attention To Your Idea

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Tai Lopez Show: How To Invest Like A Millionaire, Donald Trump, & Winning Powerball W/ Bianca Vierra

I don't care how amazing you think what you're doing is. If you aren't good at marketing, sales, advertising, web design, branding, and persuasion, it doesn't matter. No one will ever see it.

Here are 3 tips to add to your marketing mix.

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or advertisements for your own products, you will want to add these 3 secrets to your marketing plan.

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I'm talking on what you can learn from me going to the Golden Globes parties. If you can become a master at networking, your life quality will increase astronomically. It's that simple. Like the old saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's WHO you know." We also talk on David Bowie, Messi, sports, and politics. I was in Vegas at the Affiliate Summit conference with 10 of my staff trying to practice what I preach on networking. Good stuff, haha... Watch the next show live on my Facebook live or Periscope live at @tailopez

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What would you do if you won the $900 million Powerball lottery?

I think I would become Batman haha.

Seriously though, life is all about the quality of decision-making you have.

This was a test for a new show format.

I might call it "Here In My Garage" with the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati haha.

Abigail Ratchford was over and joined in. You might've seen it live on my Periscope @tailopez.

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Obama and Rand Paul were in the news when I was headed to bed.

The argument was over the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment as they relate to gun control.

Earlier in the day I had been to an event at a house nearby in Bel Air where Warren Buffett and Hillary Clinton were talking - I almost got to talk to Buffett, damn-it, haha!

Both sides have good arguments, but I like Charlie Munger, the billionaire business partner of Warren Buffett, and his quote:

“I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don't know the other side's argument better than they do.”

So I tried to argue both sides. Don't think I did it very well but I tried haha.

What's your opinion - and can you argue both sides so that you have a well balanced, logical opinion?

You can stop procrastination once you understand the 4 M's of motivation: Material, Mating, Mastery, and Momentum.

I use these every day to encourage and incentivize myself internally.

Which of the 4 M's is strongest for you?

Rags to Riches.

The American Dream.

Victor used the lessons from his 1st business bankruptcy for a turnaround later in his life. My buddy from New York dropped by Knowledge Society headquarters to tell his inspiring story...

Everybody loves a rags-to-riches story.
I brought my friend Nick Unsworth here up from San Diego. He was completely broke at 28 and was $50,000 in debt. But, Nick turned it around and at age 30 sold his first business.
Sometimes when you watch the news, you see these stories where somebody broke becomes the next Bill Gates and that's all great.
But it's also good to understand that you don't always have to hit a home run. You can move from first base to second to third.
In fact, according to Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham, it's a much safer approach.
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