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Lewis Howes is a man of many talents -- he's an athlete, coach, and now author.

The title of his book, The School of Greatness, implies that greatness is learned.

It takes more than just hustle to be great. You've got to work hard and work smart.

What's an example in your own life where you haven't yet put into practice something that you learned from a mentor?

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Matthew Lieberman, author of the book Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired To Connect sat down with Tai Lopez to talk about why it’s important to form real bonds with people, even if our instincts might tell us otherwise.

Studies have shown that being lonely has the same health consequences as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and that 20 to 30 percent of the world is lonely.

Everyone uses Facebook, but has it really made us more social?

Do you think that social media has made you more or less social in real life? And how can you use social bonding to improve your life?

On today's Book-of-the-Day Show, Tai Lopez interviews professor Joseph LeDoux on the topic of fear and anxiety. You can purchase his book at

Are you anxious or fearful about the future?

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On today's Book-of-the-Day show, I had the chance to interview Jim Davies, author of "Riveted."

In his book, he says you have to understand 6 things about the human brain to win friends and influence people:

1. We are interested in stories about humans...
2. We pay particular attention to things we hope or fear are true...
3. We delight in finding patterns...
4. We are attracted to incongruity, apparent contradictions, novelty, and puzzles...
5. The nature of our bodies—the nature of our eyes and other sense organs, affects what kinds of things draw us...
6. We have certain psychological traits, many of which are evolved, that make us like and dislike, believe and disbelieve....

So when you interact with other people, make sure you utilize all 6 of these to compel, fascinate, and persuade everyone you meet.

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I got to interview one of the greatest real estate entrepreneurs, Gary Keller. He has sold over 2 million books and owns the largest real estate agency in the world.

I was reading the book, "The One Thing" by Gary Keller.

You can grab a copy by clicking here:

It's all about getting things done. Reading this reminded me about one of my habits that massively boosts my productivity.

Stop making lists.

Lists create cognitive loading. Your brain is like an attic - it has only so much room before it gets filled. Lists use up too much space and limit deep thinking.