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There may be no better skill to possess in the world than the ability to come up with good ideas. Think about it. The reward for good ideas is massive.

Mark Zuckerberg definitely knows the value of a great idea.

For him it’s roughly $33.3 billion dollars.

Now, you might not need a billion dollars.

But according to Daniel Kahneman and his research, you definitely need at least $75,000 a year.

Good ideas have the potential to change your bank account.

Good ideas also have the potential to change your health.

Tai’s dad caught scarlet fever when he was a baby, and doctors said he wouldn’t live past age 12.

He was a pretty sickly kid.

His life changed the day he picked up a magazine about weight lifting.

The article said "Forget everything you've heard, lift weights."

And he went from a sickly kid who should have died to Mr. Puerto Rico, Mr. Canada, and one of the first bodybuilders in the world.

You see at the root of every revolution is one idea.

In "Where Good Ideas Come From" one fascinating story was about the scientist that came up with a law that governs the rate of growth of animals, cities and ideas - it's called Kleiber’s law.

Kleiber's law is about something called "positive power scaling"

But why should that research matter to you?


"A city that is ten times larger than its neighbor isn't ten times more innovative; it's seventeen times more innovative. A metropolis fifty times bigger than a town is 130 times more innovative than the town."

The pace of innovation and good ideas that are going to come out of your brain are directly related to the size of the pool of information that you’re drawing from.

The more books you read (an eclectic mix), the more masterminds you study, the more mentors and advisors you surround yourself with, the more exponential growth you'll experience.

If your only source of good ideas is one book in the last year, you’re like someone living in a small town.

Your “pool” to draw inspiration from is tiny.

BUT if you’ve read 50 books instead, according to Kleiber’s Law you wouldn't just get 50 times smarter, you would get 130 times smarter.

The more knowledge you absorb, the more great ideas you will come up with.

Stay smart.


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