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Have you ever asked yourself these questions: 

How smart am I and does it even matter? 

Do I need a high I.Q. to be rich? 


Today's Book of the Day is, “Successful Intelligence: How Practical and Creative Intelligence Determine Success in Life” by Robert Sternberg.


Sternberg hypothesizes that I.Q is not a fixed measurement, the way it has been misunderstood for years, and he gives us a lot of insight into how IQ is changeable. 


Can you answer these questions as a comment below?


1. What is a self defeating attitude that you have had towards your I.Q. or intelligence?


2. What is a negative expectation that others have put on you that you want to defy?

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Eating almond butter while reading a good Book-of-the-Day on a beautiful California morning.  The author of "Riveting" explains how you can make your message go viral (it takes real skill or you will be ignored and forgotten).


Jim Davies says you have to understand 6 things about the human brain to win friends and influence people: 


#1. We are interested in stories about humans... 


#2. We pay particular attention to things we hope or fear are true…


#3. We delight in finding patterns... 


#4. We are attracted to incongruity, apparent contradictions, novelty, and puzzles...


#5. The nature of our bodies—the nature of our eyes and other sense organs, affects what kinds of things draw us...


#6. We have certain psychological traits, many of which are evolved, that make us like and dislike, believe and disbelieve....


So when you speak, write, and interact with other people make sure you utilize all 6 of these to compel, fascinate, and persuade everyone you meet... 


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For today's book of the day, I chose "Man Alone with Himself" by Friedrich Nietzsche. He says that everybody aspires to be set apart from the crowd. What do you have to do to become great, to not be just another blip on the radar? In the book, Nietzsche says, "Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." Too many people create strong convictions and stick with them without ever challenging the idea. You must challenge your convictions if you want to grow.


Here are three action points to take:

1. What resonated most with you form this video?

2. What is an action point that you can take from this video?

3. What is a conviction that you need to challenge?

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Today I was reading "On the Shortness of Life" by Seneca and I was thinking about one of the 8 ways he says people waste time, "going after no fixed goal." You must have an end goal. Time is limited, you have to know how to use it properly. 


Can you answer these three questions? 

1. What is your end game goal?

2. What frivolous activity are you doing?

3. Which area of your life is going to make you more of a philosopher?


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