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“To get to the top floor, you go up stairs step-by-step. If you try to jump too many steps ahead, you fall and break your neck. Don’t rush your business growth.” - Tai Lopez

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Being an entrepreneur has its pros and cons.

The same bone that causes you to become an entrepreneur is the thing that will trip you up. You see things in a different way and it bothers you. When you react too passionately to your vision for a better solution, you will try to build your business too quickly and burn it to the ground.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing the 3 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and what they can do instead. It is important to constantly manage your ambition and passion with realistic expectations. Shooting for the stars and missing doesn’t leave you on the clouds; it has you crashing back onto planet earth. Tune in to apply these insights, so you can ensure a long and healthy career as an entrepreneur!

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“Few people are successful without a business partner. One should be behind-the-scenes, and the other should be in the limelight.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Treat growing your business like climbing stairs
    • If you try to make your first business a success right away, you will fail
    • Grow your business in stages correctly
  • Don’t believe in: if you shoot for the stars then you’ll hit the moon
    • You will probably just crash
  • Read Working Together by Michael Eisner to understand business partner dynamics
  • Business partners should split introvert/extrovert duties
  • Become a learning machine and you will cut the learning curve by 10 years
  • Learn from other people’s mistakes: books, seminars, conferences, etc.
    • Don’t be the entrepreneur who only learns from his/her mistakes
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