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Should you sacrifice the life of one innocent person if it would mean saving the life of 1000 other innocent people.

We just saw the movie, Eye In The Sky with Helen Mirren, a very interesting movie.

Should you kill an innocent life to save 1000 other innocent lives?

What would you do?

I used to think that the right choice was to kill one person to save the lives of many.

But I read an interesting book about the fundamentals of the federal law system.

Which was about the fundamentals of the US law. And it said you're better off to create a legal system that would not imprison 100 guilty people if that meant it will never imprison an innocent person.

Meaning you can't be too hard on people in court, because it's better for a few people to go free that actually broke into someone's house than it is to have one innocent person rot in jail.

So ever since I heard that argument I really can't tell you my opinion.

These are killer tough questions.

But the main takeaway I got from the movie is that the root of all evil, you might of heard this before, is money. But that's actually false. The root of all evil or most evil is poverty, injustice, and abuse.

You need to bring income equality. From my experience, all rich countries I've visited are the most peaceful.

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