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“I hope your cholesterol is high because high cholesterol is associated with living a longer time and being smarter.” - Ben Greenfield

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Every year there’s a new diet.

And with enough publicity, we will latch onto whatever promise it preaches. The unfortunate truth is that no one diet will fix our problems. Health comes from a combination of diet, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. When we combine all of these forces, our body will respond in the positive direction.  

That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing how to assess our cholesterol and other blood-related metrics with Ben Greenfield. This is Part 2 of our conversation with the immersive journalist. Ben has written articles for Men’s Health and other widely known publications about his experience with the latest supplements, injections, and surgeries. From stem cells to high-intensity training, Ben gathers a unique vantage point from subjecting his body to this array of tests and experiments. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to best navigate the often confusing health landscape!

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“In the absence of plant matter, saturated fat is inflammatory.” - Ben Greenfield

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Most corn-based products are GMO, but most popcorn is non-GMO
  • Cholesterol acts as a repair mechanism in the body, transporting fats throughout the body
  • As you age, your cholesterol rises because you need more cholesterol for repair
  • There is talk in the nutrition sector of high HDL being indicative of systemic inflammation
  • Your HDL to triglyceride ratio should be favorable
  • High cholesterol is associated with living a longer time and being smarter
  • You don’t want high cholesterol in the presence of high hemoglobin or H1C
  • Glucose can adhere to cholesterol particles
  • The problem with the ketogenic diet is the lack of fiber

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