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“Once you identify what you’re best at delivering, only sell that one thing.” - Billy Gene

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A marketing agency is easy to start.

But it is difficult to scale. As you gather clients, problems arise. How do you hire the right people? How do you create systems so you can train your new-hires to do the job the same way you were doing? Answering these questions while simultaneously running the business can send us running into the woods.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by digital marketing expert Billy Gene. Billy specializes in marketing for small businesses, and today he shares his insights on how to take your marketing agency to the next level by addressing all our questions.

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“The trick is to simplify. You can build a 7-figure agency by simply charging clients to have you retarget customers to their website.” - Billy Gene

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The reason you’re stuck is because when clients come to you, you do everything for them
    • Somebody you hire has to have 10 different skills to help you and your clients
  • Pick one service that gets people results and sell that
  • Results means customers and profit
  • Once you simplify, the sky is the limit
  • Identify 2-4 niches and repeat your process across the different areas
  • To scale quickly, train people by recording every single thing you do
  • If done properly, one account manager should be able to handle 30-50 accounts by themselves
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