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“If people like your vibe, they will be likely to buy from you” - Tai Lopez

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To be successful in anything in life takes an ability to sell, or more generally to be persuasive. Whether your focus is business, or even if you’re simply deciding where to go out tonight and have to convince your friends of your idea of where to go, you’re going to be selling.

Today’s episode digs into the specific techniques in sales that will take you from not knowing what you’re doing and having a low level of persuasion, to having the ability to effectively persuade others, and so be able to lead your best life and see the success you are desiring in it.

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“Enthusiasm will go a long ways in sales” Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Good salespeople start with questions, bad salespeople start with features
  • You can’t sell the solution if you don’t know what the need/problem is
  • Keep the prospect talking as much as possible
  • People hate silence on the phone, if you leave silence, people will start to reveal more and more about themselves
  • Choose which “frame” you want to use to show why someone should buy from you
  • Salespeople have to have incredible amount of positiveness in their attitude
  • Enthusiasm will go a long ways in sales
  • Even genius people are not super logical. You have to appeal to emotions
  • If people like your vibe, they will be likely to buy from you
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