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“Selling advanced products to people who don’t understand is a really tough formula. Simplify your marketing.” - Com Mirza

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You will not succeed the first time around.

And it might not happen on the second. Or the third. If it takes a few attempts before you strike gold, that’s okay. Failure is a necessary step on the road to success. You learn what a business needs when you’re met by unconquerable blockers. The trick is to keeping your head down and persevering through the storm.  

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by serial entrepreneur Com Mirza. After falling in love with Bill Gates, Com committed his life to starting software companies. It was not until his eighth that he was able to transcend his previous seven failures and launch what is now a net worth of over $500 billion.

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“The best bow and arrow is better than the first musket. Your first prototype might suck but you’re on the right track.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Do your due diligence on who is backing the coin to determine legitimacy
  • There are rumors that Mark Zuckerberg is going to launch his own ICO at Facebook
  • Many people think cryptocurrency is a fad because there is no value exchanging
  • All financial cycles operate in bubbles, and then bubbles burst
  • Habibi Coin is real estate-backed, currently raising $100 million
  • The best tip: make returns from crypto and then invest in real-world assets
  • Goldman Sachs is discovering that crypto has real value
  • A ponzi scheme is metaphorically described as a game of musical chairs
  • Some ICOs don’t allocate 100% of the funds raised to backing the currency
  • Get referrals to get past the gatekeepers
  • Selling advanced products to people who don’t understand the technology is an unproductive formula
    • The same people who once told you no will say yes once you simplify
  • Sell to the willing customers
  • Dubai has a great potential
  • The majority of millionaires are made through real estate
  • Be sure to have real estate assets in your investment portfolio, so you have stable returns to fall back on
  • People who invest in real estate typically think they’re going to make more money than they actually will
  • Ample investment opportunity in Dubai


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