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“Our infrastructure determines what we do. And we’ve become emotionally and economically dependent on our infrastructure.” - Joel Salatin

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Stating the problem does nothing.

But proposing a solution is everything. From poverty to politics, technology to the education system, in just about everywhere you look there is corruption and exploitation. But how can we fix these core issues in society? This is where the conversation should exist, around what sorts of ideas, innovations, and technologies can be integrated to make the world a better place.

And on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are having that conversation. At a roundtable with Dr. David Buss, Alex Mehr, and Joel Salatin, we discuss the solutions to the pressing issues in today’s political/social climate. This conversation traverses free will, politics, the human condition, blockchain technology, evolutionary psychology, and much more. Tune in to carve a more nuanced lens on the world.

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“The only model of leadership that works is putting those who don’t want to lead in leadership positions.” -  Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Asexual species are not as successful as successful ones
  • Read Free Will by Sam Harris to learn why humans don’t have free will
    • The fact that we’re choosing our behaviors is an illusion of free will
  • Well-intentioned government projects usually don’t do well (ex: the housing projects)
  • Need-based transfer is an indirect reciprocity
  • Frame the Republican vs. Democratic debate as a man vs. woman personality type difference
  • How tribes handle hunting vs. gathering with differing variance foods reveals how we should cooperate
  • Blockchain technology could empower people to vote with less barriers
  • Our infrastructure determines what we do
    • We’ve become emotionally and economically dependent on our infrastructure
  • Centralization of people causes problems
  • Our survival is no longer dependent on us making good decisions
  • Journalists are related to high traits of psychopathy
  • Twitter and current surveillance methods are a Blockchain 1.0
  • We create a set of idealized beliefs about people because we no longer live in small villages and know their histories
  • There are 33 states with active secession in play
  • Read The Sovereign Individual

To learn more, check out the MentorBox Podcast here

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