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“It’s an unfair advantage. You’re literally in the same pool with all the people of Facebook instead of saying, “Hey come jump in my pool over here.” Anthony Morrison”

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Do you build a website or use Facebook?

To drive traffic to your website requires diverting people away from their comfort zones. But building a following within Facebook, the world’s most used social media platform, is tending to the user. And thus, its higher conversion rate can be turned into a more profitable revenue stream.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by internet marketer and entrepreneur Anthony Morrison. Anthony specializes in harnessing Facebook fan pages into the valuable following/monetization avenue they have the potential to be.

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“Make the fan page grow virally without advertising. And while it’s growing, build an email list.” - Anthony Morrison

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Making money online requires traffic; Facebook already has the traffic
  • There are 2 billion active accounts on Facebook
  • Most people who have a Snapchat also have a Facebook
  • Facebook gives you insight on what’s working/not working on your fan page
  • People love vacation destination fan pages
  • Best niches/industries to build fan pages: travel and pets
  • Selling stuff isn’t the only way to make money online (ex: clicks, impressions, etc.)
  • Elon Musk said, “You get paid in proportion to the problem you solve.”
  • Hassle and headache accompanies selling physical products, not so much with digital
  • You don’t need to post your own stuff when building a Facebook fan page
  • People are conditioned to follow steps; incorporate that psychology into your marketing materials
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