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“If you are a master marketer, you will not be broke for the rest of your life.” - Tai Lopez

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Marketing is noise.

But great marketing cuts through that noise and speaks to the consumer in ways that other products do not. That’s why a great product needs great marketing. Without the proper messaging, the product will never reach the public and remain on the shelves inside the factory.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing how to be a master marketer. Whether it’s creating content that immediately hooks the audience or using Facebook and Instagram ad platforms, this conversation will help no matter what industry or product you are marketing. Tune in to learn these strategies, so you can apply them to your product or service.

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“More video marketing. Even Amazon now allows video reviews of products. People watch video.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Develop a ninja sixth sense by trial & error and osmosis
  • Studies show that it’s not so much your salary as much as the direction it’s moving
    • The human brain operates around momentum
  • Be skeptical of the modern education system
  • Great marketing hooks the viewer immediately upon seeing it
  • Every marketing window closes in about 7 years
  • Ads on Instagram is still a growing ecosystem
  • Livestreaming is a type of interactive marketing
  • Facebook now has a built-in coupon feature for restaurants
  • Juxtapose tones by making a serious brand funny or a funny brand serious
  • Understand the 25 Cognitive Biases to be a human whisperer
  • Real estate has made the most millionaires out of any industry in history
  • Read Hooked or Contagious to understand marketing

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