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“The problem is we have not structured our medicine to look at it in a holistic, global way.” - Dr. Kim

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You can’t stop aging.

And that’s a good thing. There are many important benefits that come from aging. Our brain develops, our muscles form, and our systems mature. But at some point during the aging process, it turns on us and our body begins to break down.

Right now, depending on the ailment, we respond with treatment. Physical therapy for the injured back, blood-thinners for hypertension, and a new diet for diabetes. But scientists today are learning how to respond before the ailment presents itself. And as our technology continues to grow exponentially more powerful, the question of, “Can we live to 700?” becomes less and less unreasonable.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by gerontologist Dr. Paul H. Kim MD to discuss how realistic living to 700 will be. Dr. Kim’s expertise in genetics, aging, and hematology helps us determine how to best approach aging in the healthiest way possible.

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“If half of your lifespan is met with chronic diseases that you’re dealing with and ailing with, are you really enjoying life or able to be functional?” - Dr. Kim

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Clean your blood and look what’s occurring at your cellular level
  • The problem with lab testing is we’re responding to the results as parameters to treat you
  • Medicine looks at things too black-and-white when most diseases are grey
  • Diabetes and hypertension can be noticed far before the manifest (pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes)
  • Look at your genetic makeup to find out where to start your regimen
  • We are 1% human and 99% bacteria
  • Hormones are important for signaling in our aging
  • Hormones are more than testosterone: thyroid, cortisol, human growth hormones, insulin
  • Studies show that managing sleep, stress management, physical activity, and diet/nutrition is equivalent to the potency of pharmaceutical medication
  • VO2 max training looks at how efficiently your system burns calories
  • We aren’t creatures of intellect, we are creatures of movement
  • Heavy lifting activates hormone release
  • Telomere study tells us that there is a finite number of divisions to each cell
    • This is called “the hayflick limit”
  • New DNA technology uses microscissors to alter DNA code
  • Studies show young blood plasma transplants rejuvenates older patients
    • In plasma, it’s the mixture of beneficial molecules
  • At some point stem cells will enable us to build organ tissue to replace our decaying organs
  • We used to think stem cells were irreversible but new technology allows them to be engineered in multiple directions
  • Look at oxidative stress markers for indication of risk to cancer
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