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“Our infrastructure determines what we do. And we’ve become emotionally and economically dependent on our infrastructure.” - Joel Salatin

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Making money requires being healthy.

And being healthy requires money. The trick to a successful life is balance, and the moment we lean too much in one direction, we compromise the equilibrium. From our dating lives to our entrepreneurial pursuits, our health monitoring to self-education, each sector of our life needs distinctly different but equal attention.

On this week of The Tai Lopez Show, we spoke with a wide range of experts. From Dr. Blaser explaining the effect antibacterials are having on our body to YesJulz sharing how to grow empire using the power of social media, this week’s episodes had us thinking critically about our day-to-day choices. Tune in to hear the highlights and take your game to the next level! 

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“When somebody says social media or paid advertising is expensive, they don’t get it.” - Joe Soto

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Never be the first or last to try a new trend
  • In the long-run, there’s no excess profits of anything
  • The top-ranking ETF of 2017 was in cryptocurrency
  • American Idol made $100 million through SMS text messaging
  • Current trends: tiny houses, cannabis, backpacks
  • Sweden uses 40% of the antibiotics we use
  • Epidemics come from the lack of diversity in our current living situations
  • Kids born by C-section are more prone to disease (celiac disease, juvenile diabetes, etc.)
  • There’s a lot of overlap between viral and bacterial infections
  • A Denmark study showed that antibiotics increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease by 14% in kids
  • We’ve engineered a system where the doctor-patient relationship is sterile
  • If you examine kids carefully, you will learn most don’t need antibiotics
  • Antibiotics change the metabolism in adults
  • People are making a lot of money from germaphobia
  • Our good bacteria fights the bad bacteria; this is the problem with anti-bacterial products
  • Hospitals and doctors like C-sections because they’re scheduled
  • Nietzsche’s ‘will to power’ is what we call willpower today
    • Mastering willpower turns obstacles into nothing
  • Absolute power corrupts absolute power
  • Blockchain technology could empower people to vote with less barriers
  • Our infrastructure determines what we do
    • We’ve become emotionally and economically dependent on our infrastructure
  • Centralization of people causes problems
  • Our survival is no longer dependent on us making good decisions
    • We don’t move in the direction of our skills because of this
  • There are 3 ways to grow your Instagram: Waiting, collaboration, and paid advertising/giveaways
  • An eBay ‘powerseller’ has done over $100,000 in sales
  • Find deal sites that need product like yours to feature/sell when seeking customer acquisition methods
  • Understand that you will make mistakes as you grow your business
  • There’s power in collaboration across all demographics, gender, and ages
  • You can only empower others to fight the fight by sharing with each other
  • Have faith in yourself and the journey; believing in something that doesn’t exist requires this


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