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“Maybe we can enlighten ourselves (or each other) by studying the tactics the techniques of the outliers.” - Tai Lopez

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Everyone has a different version of success.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from how others achieved their version. By listening to the stories of successful people, we can refresh and reframe our understanding of our own success. In doing this, we develop a more accurate and honest northstar for our day-to-day.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are taking a moment to recap some of this week’s highlights. From understanding the nuances of the credit card industry to hearing how the greats like Odell Beckham Jr. approaching winning vs. losing, this week’s snapshot will help us take our personal and professional lives to the next level. Tune in to apply these learnings to your daily practice!

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“You have to believe you can succeed. You have to believe in an individual capacity to do better than what you are doing.” - Ben Shapiro

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Agreeableness is flexibility, patience, gentleness, and forgiveness
  • Conscientiousness is diligence, prudence, organization, and perfection
  • High psychopathy scores are void of empathy and impermeable to learning how to improve
  • Use Dark Triad Personality Test to find out how people score on machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy
  • Nothing besides military is solved by a federal government
  • Studies show that quality of education is more determined by factors like how the family treats education than any sort of government system
  • The problem is people looking to the federal government for solutions; localism is the solution
  • The single greatest predictor of poverty is being born into single motherhood
  • The focus of marriage has moved from the production and raising of kids to “are you in love?”
  • Remember to be patient, even with high ambition
  • Being a sore loser is a good thing; it means you want to win that badly
  • Diet is the most important exercise, a 5-to-1 influence factor
  • Disembodied ghosts is a way to describe how today’s mental framework feels
  • Dysfunctional people attract dysfunctional people
  • The Dalai Lama has low stress because he meditates 3-6 hours a day
  • Lectures are not how people learn, instead seek out mentorship and osmosis
  • Love is a verb, not a sentiment
  • Love is not giving your kids hugs and keeping them off crack/cocaine
    • Love is sending them into the world with the major life skills mastered
  • Try to keep your credit card utilization under 9%
  • Treat your credit limit as how much money you have
  • Utilization rate, payment history, and derogatory marks affect your credit score
  • Age of credit history factors in: oldest account and average age
    • You can’t help your age of credit history
    • Try to have an age of credit history over 9 years
  • Try to have at least 21 lines of credit being reported
  • Correlation does not imply causation when opening new credit cards
  • For those under 18, get authorized on your parents/relatives’ cards to build rapport with banks
  • Weightlifting triggers hormone signaling in a way cardio does not
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