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“When something is politically incorrect, that means it’s actually correct. Politically incorrect is just a way to brush over reality.” - Michael Knowles

Curiosity fuels skill.

To get the most out of life means maximizing knowledge in all aspects of it. How to be a better father translates to how to be a better boss. Learning how to talk about politics will better your interview skills for the next job. To gather new skills, you have to constantly be learning and asking questions, and the avalanche of skill development will consequently tumble forward.  

On this week of The Tai Lopez Show, we spoke with a wide range of experts. From political commentators Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles to NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to meditation/mindfulness expert Jay Shetty, this varied insight will help us take our personal and professional lives to the next level.

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“You need patience. Everything’s fixable. But everyone has their own clock.” - Jay Shetty

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Remember that awareness doesn’t always feel good, but is the first step to self-improvement
  • The most successful people in the world choose education over entertainment
    • Entertainment numbs you
  • Find 5-10 minutes to think about what you’re grateful for
    • The more specific your gratitude is, the deeper it is
  • Read Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman to separate the voice of your mind from the voice of your intelligence
  • When conducting marketing split tests, you need at least 52 results for statistical significance
  • Using statistical significance calculations, seek out over 98% certainty in the math
  • Create a simple system to better your hiring practices
    • Ask the question: would you date or marry this person?
  • Your workstation should have a big monitor, a mouse and keyboard to lessen the risk for carpal tunnel
  • iPhone 8 plus is better than the X because it’s simpler
  • Too abstract to point out reality vs. theory logic in political arguments
  • Pay attention to the the fact that Oprah has never dealt with bad press when considering her for president
  • Understand crime and sexual assault happens across the border when thinking about immigration
  • Political orientation is rooted in lens/worldview/first principles
    • What does it mean to be a human?
    • Does God exist?
    • Where does my freedom come from? Where do my rights come from?
  • The angrier you get about something, the more you’re revealing you don’t understand the issue
  • Being a sore loser is a good thing; it means you want to win that badly
  • Diet is the most important exercise, a 5-to-1 influence factor
    • Eat salmon with kale for high nutrition
  • Money is not the all-in-one solution to happiness
  • The problem is people looking to the federal government for solutions; localism is the solution
  • Studies show that quality of education is more determined by factors like how the family treats education than any sort of government system
  • Nothing besides military is solved by a federal government
  • The single greatest predictor of poverty is being born into single motherhood
  • The focus of marriage has moved from the production and raising of kids to “are you in love?”
  • The whole reason society has an interest in marriage is to make sure there’s a mom and dad in the home
  • When dating, figure out values not common ground
  • Tutorial learning (what our education system employs) only works for 85% of the population


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