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“Warren Buffett says, ‘The secret to wealth is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch the basket.’ He’s not saying don’t diversify. He’s saying pay attention to what you’re doing.” - Tai Lopez

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Success is more than just a bank account.

We constantly hear this but how often are we setting goals in other areas of life and measuring our progress? Physical health, personal projects, the number of domains besides financial status worth our success-oriented attention is vast. What’s important is figuring out what your own definition of success is, and weighting each column appropriately.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are taking a moment to recap some of the greatest moments from this week. From discussing health and longevity with Dr. Kim to hearing startup insights from Anik Singal, the level of knowledge-dropping has us taking our business and personal health game to the new heights.

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“We are 99% bacteria and 1% human.” - Dr. Kim

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The death of dreams is in procrastination
  • K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple and Stupid
  • The education system robs you of your common sense
  • Think through your ideas before presenting it to other people
  • Work on tasks for 20 minutes
  • Use the P.A.S.E. System (Practical, Action, Social, Emotional) to read people’s personality types and adapt accordingly
    • Practical - slow, accountant-types, think before they speak
    • Action - speak aggressively, say what you want, not easily offended
    • Social - those who believe social chit chat is most important
    • Emotional - introverted, not very talkative to strangers
  • Get people’s phone number; e-mails are going extinct
  • Don’t let ego get in the way of your methodology during times of success; do the risk analysis
  • Listen to your mentors
  • Study your past patterns/cycles to figure out what was behind times of success and failure
  • Be honest, open, and implement and take action
  • Don’t let people borrow your equipment
  • Keep the things that are important to you close to you
  • Nobody cares about your business and your life as much as you do
    • Even your friends and family
  • Watch everything, even automated income
  • There’s no such thing as an automaton because the law of the entropy
    • A car is an automatic machine but still needs to be driven and maintained
  • Look at your genetic makeup to find out where to start your regimen
  • We are 1% human and 99% bacteria
  • Hormones are important for signaling in our aging
  • Hormones are more than testosterone: thyroid, cortisol, human growth hormones, insulin
  • Studies show that managing sleep, stress management, physical activity, and diet/nutrition is equivalent to the potency of pharmaceutical medication
  • VO2 max training looks at how efficiently your system burns calories
  • We aren’t creatures of intellect, we are creatures of movement
  • Some ICOs don’t allocate 100% of the funds raised to backing the currency
    • HBB is able to send 100% of the funds: how they do this is figuring out the technology before raising funds


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