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“People are procrastinators. Give them a reason to buy right now or else they won’t.” - Tai Lopez

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The goal is robotic income.

This is the type of revenue stream that doesn’t require active work. Essentially, you’re making money while doing other things. To do this requires building a business that’s big enough to run by itself or selling product online. For us beginning entrepreneurs, we will start with the latter and use the powers of Shopify and Google Trends to supply niche products at their highest points of demand.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing how to make money online. By following a simple set of rules, you can create an online revenue stream to supplement whatever income you’re currently generating. Tune in today to hear how to integrate this

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“What do you have to do to make money in business? You have to make more money than you spend. And then you have to attract clients.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • 2 rules to business: make more money than you spend and attract clients
  • Force your website visitors into sales funnel conversions
  • Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins to learn how to simulate the future without doing it yourself
  • When first starting out, create a more clean website
  • Use video marketing to sell yourself by broadcasting your authority on the subject
  • Sell products that people use, not what you prefer/like
  • Start with products with a price point lower than $100
  • Use ClickFunnels or Shopify to create your e-commerce store
  • It used to take 6 months to make a website, now it takes less than 60 minutes
  • Test your marketing ideas using different Facebook campaigns
  • Sell on Amazon: most people prefer buying online there because credit card is stored
  • Show don’t tell; demonstrate your product and the reward you get from using it
  • People are procrastinators: give people a reason to buy now
  • Display social proof (how many people liked your product) on your website
  • Look to small franchises over small business owners
  • We all want: health, love, wealth, happiness
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