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“You better not just be happy with a 9-to-5 job.” - Tai Lopez

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The jungle isn’t for everybody.

But for those of us not fulfilled at our 9-to-5, we may be feeling the urge to bite off a new challenge. This is where it can get tricky if we’re not careful. Our gut tells us to leave, that our full potential will never be reached if we don’t take the leap of faith, yet we don’t know the exact territory we’re walking into.

That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing the 8 rules of the jungle. When we pursue our entrepreneurial dreams, we must do our due diligence to have the best chance at success. Tune in to this episode to learn the intricacies of the jungle, so you know what to expect when you decide to pursue your passion with full force!

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“The best time management is spending the majority of the day on things you’re naturally good at.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Warren Buffet says the most correlated factor to making your first million dollars is the age in which you start
  • The #1 reason why people give up on making their first million is an expectation of it being easy
  • Your first business should be service-based where you sell your time (dog-walking, personal training, etc.)
  • Today, you should start Internet-based businesses (social media marketing, home-sharing, e-commerce, etc.)
  • As you rise in wealth, prepare for betrayal by developing thick skin
  • “A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean.” - Will Durant
  • Read Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker to learn about time management
  • Read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
  • Be sure you’re only working hard once you figure out what works for you
  • Experiment with at least 12 different business ideas before settling on one
  • There are 4 M’s to motivation: money/materialism, mating/love, movement/freedom, mastery/status
  • Start with reading every day to develop repetitive skills

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