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Do you understand the language of money?

Everyone needs it, but not everyone understands it.

I'm going to give you three things from today's Book-of-the-Day "Money Changes Everything" by William Goetzmann.

I have bought, rented, or leased real estate and on cars I either buy or lease. It all depends on your tax situation and how well you can invest your capital other places

Get more done in life. I get messages and snaps all the time from people who can't seem to shake procrastination; or just don't have enough energy to get everything that they want done. First, I ask them how is their diet. Because if you aren't eating well then you will never have enough energy. Secondly, I say it's all about having "mind over matter". You have to have drive. And sometimes you have to mind trick yourself to having more energy.

The trick to having more quality friends. After a long night of salsa dancing, I sat down and discussed my simple secret to growing a social circle from scratch. Going to interactive events, priming and positioning are is my 3 step formula for creating an amazing social life.

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You know what I found with the most successful people in the world? They're always the nicest one. But most people who object to things, can never give a real reason and they just say, "I don't like that". The world is full of people focused on the wrong thing. Focus on the right thing and change the world in your own way.

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What experiments are you doing to be happier? Find something to look forward to.  If you are not liking most of your life, make some big changes.

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Kenna and I went on a date night. We brought along my assistant Andrew Copp and some of my security guys. After watching a few acts at the Laugh Factory, we went over to a popular Asian spot on Sunset to eat. My assistant Andrew asked me to elaborate on two snapchats (Follow me on snapchat @TaiLopez1) I made after dinner.

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What do you think I should name my new personality test?

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Kenna and I went to the Jennifer Garner movie "Miracles From Heaven." Go see it. It's powerful.

Kenna and I searched Barnes and Noble for a good real estate investing book for Chuck. Which one do you recommend?

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