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I got to interview Cole Hatter today, a serial entrepreneur and real estate genius.

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Find out how Cole's career as a firefighter turned for the worse and left him in a wheelchair without knowing if he would ever walk again.

Luckily, that led him to pursue entrepreneurship.

Fast forward to now, he has closed over 100 real estate deals and built multiple seven figure brands.

Learn how to find your destiny and change the world at the same time with Adam's story by clicking here:

On today's Book-of-the-Day show, we learn why Adam leaves his successful Wall Street career and began building over 250 schools around the world.

Adam suggests these three simple tips to help you figure out if you're on the right track to finding your life's destiny:

1. Truthfully write. Journal as much as you can with the mentality that no one will ever read your thoughts but you.

2. Question your sleeping patterns. If your dreams and goals don't keep you up at night or wake you up early in the morning, you need to change them.

3. Ask for feedback. Always seek the guidance and truth from your loved ones who will never steer you wrong.

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I just interviewed Tim Grover about his book, "Relentless: From Good To Great To Unstoppable."

All I have to say is... read his book. You can grab a copy of it here:

Trust me...

Tim talks about the three different levels of people:
A Cooler, Closer, and Cleaner.

Coolers are individuals that will deliver the end result that you ask for, but they will not do anything exceptional. They will not give you anything more or anything less. You know what they're capable of doing, and what they're not capable of doing.

Closers can get you the end result as long as there aren't too many variables thrown at them. As long as they have a plan to follow, they will deliver the result that you desire.

Then there are those that are exceptional at what they do...

A Cleaner is an individual that will get you the end result that you need EVERY single time. They are so in tune with their instincts that they're able to not overthink in high pressured situations. Everything becomes less of a reaction and more of a reflex.

Michael Jordan was a Cleaner. He delivered a championship every time his team made it into the NBA finals.

Michael is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and it's not only because he was elite at the end of games; he consistently played at the highest level.

Are you a Cooler, Closer, or a Cleaner?

On today's Book-Of-The-Day show, I'm really happy to be speaking with Brad Stone, who wrote a book on Jeff Bezos and how he built into one of the greatest companies, not just of our time, but maybe of all time.

Learn more about Jeff Bezos' story and purchase The Everything Store by following this link:

The book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, applies whether you're an entrepreneur now, or dreaming of bigger things in the future.

As you read the book, you might notice that Bezos was very aggressive, maybe to a fault at points, but it made him who he was.

At his 2010 Princeton commencement speech, he said, "In the end, we are our choices."

He took the path less trod upon, and he was so much happier for it.

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Today's special guest on the Book-of-the-Day Show is my mentor Joel Salatin.

His goal is to empower food buyers to pursue positive alternatives to the industrialized food system.

You can grab Joel's book "Holy Cows and Hog Heaven" by clicking here:

I just interviewed Ryan Holiday about his book, “The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph."

Life will throw tremendous hurdles at you, but don’t think that the world owes you anything.

The sooner I realized that, the better I’ve been at coping with the trials and tribulations thrown at me.

Many people complain about how things are and feel entitled to something better, but they are not willing to do the work.

Will Durant said, “A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean."

A great nation is born from people who are willing to put in the hard work.

Instead of only looking at luxuries, you have to learn to love the grind.

Make sure to grab a copy of “The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” by clicking here:

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One of the most common questions I get is, "Tai, what is it? If you had a list of secrets for success, what would it be?"

I thought about this really hard after making my first million dollars. Was it luck? Was it access to the right people?

There are definite secrets that we weren't taught in the traditional school system. I was able to learn these secrets from my mentors.

Here are 4 of the 11 secrets only millionaires know:

1. VRIN Score

2. Wealth Index

3. Stacking Trends

4. Nudist Buddhist Rule

To learn what the other secrets are, click here to watch the entire Encore Session.

I love a Book-of-the-Day like this. The story of the guys who went from nothing to starting Twitter.

Despite all the evidence most people still don't believe.

Find something worth building and you might be the next rags to billions story

People say that to be happy you have to be unselfish. But are they right?
Because we all know selfish and greedy people, who seem to have it all.
We have all been betrayed by someone who went on to live a seemingly perfect life.
So there has to be something more to this - a more elegant explanation of the conflicts of life. A root explation of our selfishness... Of our altruism... About our DNA and "Nature vs. Nurture..."


In today’s Book-Of-The-Day, “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, we examine this question of whether we are born greedy and 'evil' or if we only learn it from our environment.
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Are you are a worrier - always anxious and fearful about the future? Today's Book-of-the-Day shares a lifetime of work from one of the top scientists in the world.

It talks about fancy concepts like, "Fear memories requiring protein synthesis in the lateral Amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval."

But guess what?

Scientists have also found 4 old fashioned, practical techniques that you can do today to make you less anxious and fearful.

1. Just take a deep breath: "This folk wisdom has a grain of truth to it. During stress the sympathetic nervous system dominates, overshadowing the parasympathetic system. But when one breathes slowly and deeply, "The vagus nerve, becomes more active and the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system improves."

2. Focus less on self by meditating: "Our conscious self will do almost anything to maintain the independence, power, control, or success that it has achieved even if you do so other people, other cultures, or the world has to suffer. A healthier approach is to let go of the 'absolute self' that we construct and recognize our broader role in life."

3. Combine self-exposure with proactive avoidance: If you have fear of crowds, "Rather than forcing oneself to ride out anxiety at a dinner party, use anxiety control strategies, such as relaxation and active coping (like trips to the bathroom or stepping out to make a call) that enable regrouping before re-exposure."

4. Hang out with resilient, non-anxious people: "Resilient individual send him a large repertoire of active coping options. We're able to use observation and instruction to explicitly learn to avoid. We create avoidance concepts or schemas, and when in danger we draw upon these stored action plans."

If you are naturally a worrier you can change: "Although some people are by their nature's more anxious than others, ever increasing anxiety doesn't have to be their destiny. Just as the brain can learn to be anxious, it can also learn to not be that way"

Stay Strong

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