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For today's book of the day, I chose "Man Alone with Himself" by Friedrich Nietzsche. He says that everybody aspires to be set apart from the crowd. What do you have to do to become great, to not be just another blip on the radar? In the book, Nietzsche says, "Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." Too many people create strong convictions and stick with them without ever challenging the idea. You must challenge your convictions if you want to grow.


Here are three action points to take:

1. What resonated most with you form this video?

2. What is an action point that you can take from this video?

3. What is a conviction that you need to challenge?

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Today I was reading "On the Shortness of Life" by Seneca and I was thinking about one of the 8 ways he says people waste time, "going after no fixed goal." You must have an end goal. Time is limited, you have to know how to use it properly. 


Can you answer these three questions? 

1. What is your end game goal?

2. What frivolous activity are you doing?

3. Which area of your life is going to make you more of a philosopher?


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A lot of you are probably interested in self-help. One of the best idea's  in self help comes from Socrates who said "Know Thyself". 


Here are 3 ways to know yourself:


1. It's not natural


2. Some of what you think about yourself will be delusional and some of that is ok


3. Define what areas you need to know about yourself


Do you know yourself?

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I just talked with John Lee, self made millionaire, about how to he made his money. He thinks that you become a millionaire in your mind before you actually become a millionaire in the real world. 

You need to get in a mental positive loop to reach your goals.

I really agree with something else he said, "pay for the best advice you can afford, because you will lose more money on your mistakes."

I talk about that in Step #19, " & The $32,000 Brain Budget." Check it out here:

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In today's book of the day we are going to dive deep as I try to break down an absolute masterpiece by Sigmund Freud called "Civilization and Its Discontents".

This book probably has more insight word for word than any other book I've ever read. You are going to learn why asking "What is the meaning of life?" is probably the wrong question to ask and why it is impossible for you to experience happiness at all times because lack of happiness is mandatory to experience happiness.

If you want 67 in depth talks like this about ideas from people like Dr. Freud and you want the most important book you could ever read for free check this out

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In today's Book of the Day, Matt Lieberman, the Harvard Professor, teaches us why our brains are hard-wired to connect. 


Human beings are social so it’s important that we spend time with people to stay happy and healthy. My question for you is, ‘Who should you avoid spending your time with?’


Also read this if you want 67 in depth talks like this about ideas from people like Dr. Lieberman and you want the most important book you could ever read for free check this out


Also can you answer these questions?


1. Who sabotaged you on your way toward a good physical health goal? When will you get them out of your life?


2. Who are those people who tried to keep you from hitting your financial goals? When will you get them out of your life?


3. Who has tried to sabotage you in social situations? How can you remove them from your life?


4. Who has tried to stop you from being happy? How are you going to fix that situation?


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In today's Book of the Day J.R. Simplot teaches the power of a nickel to create billions of dollars. In a time of flipping houses and day trading, J.R. Simplot's advice bucks the system. His lesson to billions can be summarized in two words, "Hang On!"

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Your study of heroes has the potential to unlock EVERYTHING you want! In our time, and really because of our democratic ideals, we love to watch those "above us" come crashing down. Nothing and no one is held in high regard. But this kind of thinking is a trap!


Here's my question for you:

1. What icons need to be changed in your life?

2. How much more shameless do you need to be in your interests for those men and women who have changed the world in the past and who are changing the world right now?

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I want to talk today about being able to transform. You know really being able to change and become something new. By the way if you havn't checkout the 67 steps yet, check them out here You have to become a regeneration machine, be able to re-sense the world and not be bound to the past. By the way if you havnt checked them 

Here is my questions for you: 

What is the pinpoint thing that you need to regenerate and become a blank slate on?

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Today I was reading the book, "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. It's all about getting things done. Reading this reminded me about one of my habits that massively boosts my productivity. Stop making lists. Lists create cognitive loading. Your brain is like an attic - it has only so much room before it gets filled. Lists use up too much space and limit deep thinking.

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