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“You have to take your destiny into your own hands and try to recreate what you missed out on.” - Tai Lopez

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Sometimes the cards aren’t dealt our way. 

Personal or professional, at home or at work, the fact of the matter is that conflict is a constant in our day-to-day. Life, at its core, is filled with challenge and struggle, so we must learn how to best traverse these bumps in the road with the utmost elegance and efficiency.

That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are breaking down how to control your destiny. Often times in life, we find ourselves inside challenging situations where the answers aren’t so clear. This foggy vision is likely due to the fact that we have yet to cease the power to control our own destiny. 

Tune in to this episode to learn how to move through life more proactively with the law of 33%.

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“The most pain we get in life is when we think life is a straight line.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • View your life as an adventure by choosing to interpret challenges as puzzles
  • One of the biggest predictors in life is where you’re born; for the most part, poverty is systemic
  • All greatness comes from the pondering that comes from failure
  • "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein
  • Get curious and creative for new solutions when selling product/services
  • You can recreate the cards that are dealt to you

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