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“When you’re trying to get people’s attention, speak fast. When you’re trying to get people’s trust, speak slow.” - Tai Lopez
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Most of us are scared of public speaking.

But that’s only because we have yet to have a good experience getting in front of an audience. The stage fright and perceived threat of embarrassment makes us content with staying inside our comfort zone.

If we’re not careful, this level of content can persist throughout our lives, leaving us in a position of never facing our fears.

That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are breaking down the 5 rules of powerful public speaking. From mastering emotional transference to understanding the different levels of cadence, this toolset gives us a framework to reference the next time we get in front of an audience.

Tune in to this episode, so you can start to cease the speaking opportunities that are presented to you!
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“Humans, by their very nature, don’t trust other people.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Understand evolutionary psychology and risk-aversion to become a good public speaker
  • Slow down your speech if you start to feel anxiety or nervousness
  • Find that balance between improvisation and preparation
  • “Builder” personality-types like to listen to more structured speaking styles
  • Master emotional transference, the act of transferring your strongly held beliefs to another perosn
  • Understand that the only thing words are good for is transferring emotions
  • Pursue your life with logic ahead of anything else
  • What makes you a great speaker is the same that makes you great at anything: practice

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