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“Emotional intelligence is knowing how to control your own emotions in sync with also reading how others feel about you.” - Tai Lopez

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Great marketing requires a storytelling finesse.

This is because audiences are smart, and can detect the tricks you might be trying to play. Say your video’s call-to-action is too explicit; a viewer will see that and turn the other way. Or if the product’s need is not rooted in enough emotional weight, the potential customer might not feel incentivized enough to purchase. Whatever the case may be, the cure to this is to tell relatable stories.

A relatable story is an emotional story. From the failure stories to the love stories, if the core of the messaging is rooted in something that the viewer or reader can relate to, the storytelling becomes much easier. No longer are you tiptoeing through the tripwires in the potential customer’s head; he or she is on the same page and will inevitably feel motivated to buy your product.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are taking a close look at relatability. In a conversation with my brother, we discuss all things related to storytelling, marketing, and interpersonal relations. How can you be more relatable in each of these domains is the question we answer in today’s episode.

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“Anything you can do to make people see themselves in your story will automatically connect them with you. Next time a police officer pulls you over, make him see himself in the driver’s seat.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Being real is being relatable
  • When trying to get what you want, present your need in a way that people can relate to
  • The Kardashians are successful because their family dysfunction, at its core, is relatable
  • Love is the most relatable theme in any marketing or storytelling material
  • Everyone can relate to being hurt, and the vulnerability that creates
  • You have to make the person see yourself in your shoes
  • People relate to the failure story; another reason to launch businesses and fail, it will help you relate in the future
  • Emotional intelligence is the soft skills, far different than the IQ they teach in school
  • If you’re ever losing the crowd, say “I want to tell a story about someone close to me who betrayed me”
  • Optimism bias causes a person to believe that they are at a lesser risk of experiencing a negative event compared to others



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