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“In 20 years, the Golden Globes will be completely different. The votes will be done through the blockchain and it will be verified and honest.” - Tai Lopez

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Why wasn’t Wind River nominated for Best Movie?

Because The Golden Globes are centralized. The moment a system becomes centralized, it becomes corrupt. As soon as elected officials meet in a boardroom or votes are tallied behind closed doors, whatever that system’s goal was, is now compromised. This is the reality of centralization, and if you look across our society, you see it in every sector.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing centralization and how it permeates through every industry. With the advent of blockchain technology, we can be certain that this will not be the case in the near future.

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“It’s like a calculator. Crypto and blockchain technology have the power to take out human emotion so you get better answers.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Centralization leads to corruption
  • Blockchain technology removes corruption by decentralizing
  • Integrate the 25 cognitive biases into your marketing material
  • In theory, democracy is supposed to elect the best candidate but this doesn’t happen
  • Laziness and procrastination are the killers to productivity
  • Invest in the causes you believe in


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