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“You’re only free when you’re the master of your thoughts.” - Tai Lopez

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Sometimes the path to self-improvement requires brutal force.

And in a world where self-help books coddle your ego, achieving your desired results is difficult to manifest. Inviting criticism is a way to hack your motivation centers by giving others direct access to your ego. When you flaunt your weaknesses, the feedback you receive, if absorbed as pain but reoriented as fuel, can improve day-to-day performance.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are examining a specific route for us to take on the road to self-improvement. While most tell you to surround yourself with support, this lesson is quite the opposite. Inviting criticism is something we understandably don’t do because of the potential ego damage, but if executed correctly, can result in a sure-fire way to fuel motivation.

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“If someone makes fun of you for being too skinny or too fat, ask a doctor if they’re right. If the doctor says you need to gain 20 pounds or lose 20 pounds, then listen to the doctor and be thankful you got those negative comments because they pushed you to health.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger flaunted his weak legs to invite criticism to fuel his fire
    • He covered his upper body because that was his defense/protection
  • Sigmund Freud said that pain is subjective
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger repurposed the pain as motivation
  • Don’t try to fix stupid people
  • Sensitivity feeds upon itself
  • The Internet is a double-edged sword: good outlet for introverts but breeds unrealistic expectations about dialogue
  • Studies show that those who leave negative comments on social media have psychological pathology
  • Use negative comments as fuel not reason to take offense
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