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“The criminal-justice system is corrupt. The prisons are unfair. Innocent people get thrown in and forgotten about.”

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Studying history sheds light on our present-day.

Our governmental systems don’t seem so flawed when we recognize that it’s been this way forever. Our dating habits no longer feel influenced by technology when we talk to an elder who made the same mistakes we did. Our life as a whole feels like a repeated beat, which brings relief to those of us who question our everyday.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, I am talking to my 99 year-old grandmother about her life. Born in Germany and having lived through both World Wars, she has carved a uniquely profound lens on the world. Her insights make sense of the complexities in the world around us. From relationships to government, the distilled knowledge will help us navigate our day-to-day with more thoughtful analysis of life.

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“In my time, people had to go to college. Today, not so much. The world has changed.”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Many people pick the wrong occupations in life, important to stay true to yourself
  • In people, narcissism can be disguised as interesting
  • Families can change, but most stay the same over time
  • The world has changed where college is no longer a requirement for success
  • If gifted with your hands, seek out trade school over academic college
  • Intellectual curiosity is tied to seeking academic people
  • Most people submit to the effects of old age; exercise is key to living a long and healthy life
  • German influence is rooted around discipline
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