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“When I came in with a pitch deck, it was one conversation. When I came in with a working prototype, it was another conversation and a lot friendlier.”

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Raising capital isn’t like Shark Tank.

It involves a lot more meetings with a lot less glitz and glamour. Time after time, you stand in front of a boardroom, guiding a group of investors through your pitch deck and prototype. For those of us who’ve done this, we know the routine. For those of us who haven’t, we’re seeking advice on how to best approach raising capital.

In today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by Crystal Rose of Sensay. Crystal has successfully launched three different tech companies, all involving different methods of raising capital. Today, she shares her insights on how to approach raising capital; and, once you’ve secured investment, how to best go about allocating those funds.

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“When you get overcapitalized, it’s actually a detriment. Because you then just go get fancy offices and focus on the furniture, what the lamps are going to look like.”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Raising money is very difficult and necessary
  • Traditional VC route involves a drawn-out process of hundreds of meetings
  • A prototype will reveal that you need less money than you think and how easy it is to obtain users or customers
  • Only raise money when you need it and have a plan
  • Don’t arbitrarily pick a number; instead, have a roadmap
  • Harness the power of bots when building communication into your product
  • You must be smart with your money, even if you’ve raised a surplus of capital
  • There are many different types of capital
    • Human capital: what you believe you can earn money on
    • Social capital: the likes on our various networks
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