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When you combine a great tone with a great pitch, that’s when the magic happens

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Getting good at sales has a very specific formula to it, and when you learn that formula, you can dominate the sales industry. Because, instead of flailing around and trying new things out all the time, never knowing if they’ll work or not, when you have a formula you know what works, and from there you can simply hone and refine that formula.

Today, I’m talking with Chris Smith of Curaytor about what goes into highly effective and persuasive sales. We talk about how too many people focus on features over benefits, when the benefits actually sell the product, why you should listen more and talk less, how to use tone, and much more!

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Talented people start with questions

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • If you’re not afraid of the phone, you’ll never be poor
  • Instead of focusing on the features, go “feature, benefit, then tie-down”
  • You must get your prospect to agree with you
  • Don’t jump to the pitch, there are a lot of steps that lead up to the pitch
  • When you combine a great tone with a great pitch, that’s when the magic happens
  • Your sales pitch must not seem too scripted
  • Time destroys all sales. Follow up quickly
  • It’s almost impossible to overpay a good person
  • You need the prospect to speak a lot when you have them on the phone
  • Talented people start with questions
  • You can’t sell a solution if you don’t know what the problem is, and what is needed
  • Enthusiasm is essential to selling
  • Nobody closes all deals, to thick skin is essential
  • Get called out by qualified people who can help you out

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