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“You have to dream so big that people think you’re crazy” - Naveen Jain

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Do you dream big enough?

Billionaire Naveen Jain says that the bigger you dream, and the more audacious your goals, the easier it is to attract top talent to what you’re trying to do. In addition, audacious goals make getting press much easier as well. With top talent and press on your side, raising capital becomes much easier to do, and this is Naveen Jain’s secret to success.

When you measure you success by how many lives you change, you start to think differently. Instead of placing earning money at the top of your priorities, your attention is now focused on the right things, and the money follows.

Learn how to dream bigger with Naveen Jain on this episode of The Tai Lopez Show!

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“When you think big, you attract other big thinkers, and the best and brightest in the world” - Naveen Jain

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • You have to dream so big that people think you’re crazy
  • When you start believing something is impossible, it becomes impossible for you, but not for others
  • When you think big, you attract other big thinkers, and the best and brightest in the world
  • Capital comes easy when you create an amazing team, and teams form around audacious goals
  • When you focus on making money, it’s hard to make a lot of money. Focus on the massive problems, and then the money comes
  • The best starting point is to just do it
  • If you want to disrupt industries in a major way, you have to have the mindset of an outsider
  • Diets should be customized to your specific DNA
  • Success should be measured by how many lives you change
  • Stay intellectually curious, and learn more every day
  • The only time you fail in life is when you give up. Everything else is just a pivot
  • You have to believe your execution is better than anyone else, and if that is the case, you don’t need to protect your idea
  • Your self-worth is not what you own, your self-worth is what you create
  • The day you become humble is the day you become successful
  • If you want to attract the best talent, give them the best problem to work on
  • The best marketing is to have satisfied customers
  • As entrepreneurs, you can get press easier than you think
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