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“Look for existing ideas and improve on them” - James Swanwick

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Today’s episode is all about launching a physical product. I’m talking with James Swanwick about the process of launching Swanwick Sleep, and specifically their breakout product Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Swanwick Sleep is on track to do $2 million sales this year, and we’re going through what it took to get Swannies to that point.

If you are interested in starting launching a physical product, this episode will show you the steps. In addition, understand the power of Amazon when it comes to physical products. If you know how to use Amazon to it’s fullest potential, you will be able to tap into their massive customer base to move a lot of physical product.

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“You should always sell stuff that you really use” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Don’t try to come up with something completely new. Instead take something that is already working well and improve on it
  • Look for existing ideas and improve on them
  • Find a way to shrink the size of the problem through doing the math required to get to where you want to be
  • Focus initially on the minimum viable product. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first
  • Don’t only look at absolute results, but relative results to where you were before
  • Going too fast can get you in trouble, just like going too slow can
  • You should always sell stuff that you really use
  • Connect with influencers around your product
  • To be good at marketing you have to understand psychology
  • A lot of mindset things are hardwired from the day you’re born, in your DNA
  • Blue light, after the sun goes down, is killing your sleep. Use Swannies to block the blue light after the sun goes down


Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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