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“You have to be able to see possibilities before you pursue possibilities” - Tai Lopez

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Your potential will be what you decide it is. The reality is that what holds most people back is their own mindset. If you think you have unlimited potential, within your circle of competence, you really do have unlimited potential within that circle.

The circle of competence refers the range of things that you are really competent in. For instance, if you are not at all naturally athletic, you do not have unlimited potential in athletic pursuits. But provided you have a certain level of competence within a pursuit or skill, your potential is probably only being limited by what you mindset is.

So increase the range of your mindset, and what you believe is possible for you to achieve. As you do that, you will see your results begin to increase in kind.

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“About 90% of the world only operates at 10% of their potential” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • You have to be able to see possibilities before you pursue possibilities
  • About 90% of the world only operates at 10% of their potential
  • Nothing happens unless you, at some point, really believe it is doable
  • There are a lot of things that are required to live a good life, but money is one of the most measurable
  • See risk as opportunity
  • Look for balance in your work life
  • 70% of billionaires did sales. It’s a great early education
  • Most of society is not ready or willing to learn
  • You have to believe it is possible before you can achieve it
  • Each thought starts to create a groove in your mind. As you continue to think negative thoughts, you reinforce bad mental habits that will keep you down
  • Your mental frameworks of thought will define what is really possible for you
  • You are not entitled to a good life, just the pursuit of a good life
  • If you solve problems, you will make money. The harder the problem you solve, the more money you will make
  • Understand your audience, and make an impression on them
  • Up your vocabulary to seem smarter
  • Whatever you can conceive, within your circle of competence, you can achieve
  • Find what’s working, and then double down
  • Obstacles are the sign that you’re about to make big money
  • Anything that is easy will likely not make much money
  • Make up for problems with volume
  • You will always have a job of you are not afraid of the phone
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