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“You can never remove all uncertainty from your life, you just need to stack the deck in your favor” - Tai Lopez

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Do you understand the natural cycles of life? There are season of prosperity in any life, and the winter is when things dry up, when you don’t have as much going on, when your income is down and it seems like you can’t get anything off the ground. This is the time that you have to prepare for.

Those who have built real wealth have done so through an understanding of this, and a preparation for the winter. As long as you are prepared for the winter, you can weather the storm. The winter only destroys those who were foolish enough to think it would never come, and so never prepared for it.

Understand which season you are in, and live your life accordingly, with an understanding of the coming changes of season and preparation for those changes.

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“When things are good, prepare for the coming winter” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • College can be one of the worst scams, depending on what your goals are
  • Colleges don’t even come with a money-back guarantee, which would force them to be useful to their students
  • You can never remove all uncertainty from your life, you just need to stack the deck in your favor
  • Understand the natural rhythms, and seasons, of life, and that not all times will be the best times for you
  • When things are good, prepare for the coming winter
  • The way you fight the winter is actively: Through education and preparation
  • The reason you don’t have as much money coming as you want is always because you don’t know well enough what you’re doing
  • We’re educated with a core premise that if you finish school and get a good job you will have security. That is no longer the case
  • You have a high chance of making money from something you already know how to do
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